Review 2018


Thursday, October 25, 2018

09.00 AM Welcome and get-together
09.30 AM

Welcome Speech

Toni Drescher, INC Invention Center and Ramon Kreutzer, Fraunhofer IPT

09.45 AM

Why agile development can be a Game Changer
– Why agility is playing a central role for companies
– From Stage Gate and Lean Start-up to Agile and back?
– Agility hands-on: A product development in 35 minutes

Prof. Dr. Frank Piller, TIME Research Area at the RWTH Aachen University 

11.15 AM Coffee break
11.30 AM

Transformation of the construction industry: From traditional craftsmanship to the world‘s most decentralized factory
– How digital disruption will transform the construction sector within the next 10 years
– How Heidelberg Cement is preparing to thrive disruption as an attacker
– Insights on how Heidelberg Cement uses Venture Building and Start-ups to their advantage

Patric Hellermann, HeidelbergCement AG

12.30 PM Networking lunch
02.00 PM

"New" Corporate Venturing as a catalyst for the global growth of start-ups
– Why ambidexterity requires a brave step forward
– How to break free from corporate structures and generate a momentum of innovation
– How Corporate Venturing can realize first achievements even in short time

Robert Hardt, next47 GmbH

03.00 PM

Don't be a robot
– How evolution, intelligence and technological change are intertwined
– What makes humans able to adapt?
– Implications of evolution and agility for corporate culture

Christoph Burkhardt, Burkhardt Group

04.15 PM Coffee break
04.45 PM

Disruptive or back to the future innovation?
– Actual business opportunity for standard LED bulbs and modules
– Market adoption by cost effective solutions vs. first of a kind disruptive innovative solutions
– Dynamics of the innovation cycle and readiness of customers in their regional markets

Dirk Vanderhaeghen, Lumileds Germany GmbH

08.00 PM Soirée at the Uptown Sky Lounge, Innside by Meliá Aachen

Friday, October 26, 2018

08.30 AM Welcome coffee
09.00 AM

Agile innovation in network
– Why agile invention requires cooperation
– How companies can utilize networks to innovate more rapidly elaborated on the case of the RWTH Aachen Campus Innovation Factory

Prof. Dr. Günther Schuh, Fraunhofer IPT / WZL at the RWTH Aachen University


09.45 AM

Breakout sessions and open discussion

  Agile product development: Applications and work practices
Discuss with: Prof. Bernhard Rumpe, SE@RWTH and Matthias Nawrocki, Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG
Moderation: Tim Wetterney and Thomas Schwarberg, Fraunhofer IPT
  Alternative paths of development: Design and best practices
Discuss with: Dr. Stefan Thomas, REHAU AG + Co., UNLIMITED X and Nico Schön, thyssenkrupp AG, tkGarage Mobility
Moderation: Felix Lau and Florian Vogt, Fraunhofer IPT


11.30 PM

– Agile development of large scale projects in the machinery and plant engineering
– Integration of agile development in established structures and the running core business
– Challenges and benefits of agile development in the machinery and plant engineering

Reiner Köttgen, TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG

12.15 PM

Agile Invention – Hype or Game Changer?
– Agility as partial solution of organizational ambidexterity
– Agile R&D versus the agile enterprise
– What an agile enterprise might be designed like

Markus Wellensiek, Fraunhofer IPT

12.45 PM Networking lunch
02.00 PM End of Event


Christoph Burkhardt

Innovation Strategist & CEO
Burkhardt Group

Toni Drescher

CEO, KEX Knowledge Exchange AG
Director, INC Invention Center

Robert Hardt

Managing Director & Partner Catalyst
next47 GmbH (Siemens AG)

Patric Hellermann

Chief Digital Venture Officer
HeidelbergCement AG

Reiner Köttgen

Sr. Expert Agile Transition

Matthias Nawrocki, MBA

Sr. Manager Technology Management
Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG

Prof. Dr. Frank T. Piller

Professor and Head of Chair Technology
and Innovation Management of
RWTH Aachen University

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Rumpe

Professor and Head of Chair Software
Engineering of RWTH Aachen University

Nico Schön

Manager Innovation Strategy
thyssenkrupp AG, tkGarage Mobility

Prof. Dr. Günther Schuh

Director Fraunhofer IPT and
WZL of RWTH Aachen University

Dr. Stefan Thomas

Head of Digital and Disruptive Business

Dirk Vanderhaeghen

Sr. Director Market Strategy OEM
Lumileds Germany GmbH

Markus Wellensiek

Head of Department Technology
Management, Fraunhofer IPT

Agile Hardware Development

How to meet fuzzy customer requirements faster and more reliable

Especially in the early stages of development, companies often get challenged by latent and fuzzy customer needs. In order to meet these needs, highly iterative development methods, which originate from software development, are increasingly being used in the development of physical products.

Incubators, Innovation Labs & Co.

How to successfully design alternative development paths for radical innovations

Optimizing the core business and simultaneously growing in future fields often fails due to inadequate organizational structures. Incubators, accelerators and innovation garages have established themselves as means to increase the development speed aside the historically grown structures.

Corporate Culture of Innovation

How to build a key factor for future competitive strength

Even the best ideas cannot be launched successfully onto the market when they come up against internal barriers. Dismantling this form of resistance and developing an innovation-friendly corporate culture are among the most important management functions and are key factors for future competitive strength.

Innovation ecosystems

How to enhance speed through cooperation in networks

Companies have to develop new unique selling propositions faster than ever. This often requires building up new competences beforehand. Engaging in innovation networks and -ecosystems enables companies to access missing competences in a quick and flexible manner.