Thematic Emphases

Agile Hardware Development

How to meet fuzzy customer requirements faster and more reliable

Especially in the early stages of development, companies often get challenged by latent and fuzzy customer needs. In order to meet these needs, highly iterative development methods, which originate from software development, are increasingly being used in the development of physical products.

Incubators, Innovation Labs & Co.

How to successfully design alternative development paths for radical innovations

Optimizing the core business and simultaneously growing in future fields often fails due to inadequate organizational structures. Incubators, accelerators and innovation garages have established themselves as means to increase the development speed aside the historically grown structures.

Corporate Culture of Innovation

How to build a key factor for future competitive strength

Even the best ideas cannot be launched successfully onto the market when they come up against internal barriers. Dismantling this form of resistance and developing an innovation-friendly corporate culture are among the most important management functions and are key factors for future competitive strength.

Innovation ecosystems

How to enhance speed through cooperation in networks

Companies have to develop new unique selling propositions faster than ever. This often requires building up new competences beforehand. Engaging in innovation networks and -ecosystems enables companies to access missing competences in a quick and flexible manner.